AOL Voicemail

Telephone requirements

You’ll need call forwarding features for your phone line called Call Forward Busy and Call Forward No Answer. The features forward your busy and unanswered calls to AOL Voicemail so the service can alert you of calls when you’re online and take messages when you don’t answer. We make it easy to get the phone features, in most cases we can place the order for you. If not, we’ll send detailed instructions so you can call and order. It usually takes 2-5 days for the features to be activated.

Some telephone companies charge a small, monthly fee for the necessary call forwarding features. The average fee is $1-$2 per month. Some companies may also charge a small one-time set-up fee.

What happens when I register?

When you sign up for AOL Voicemail we'll ask you to enter an AOL or AIM screen name. If you don’t have one, you can set one up while you register. We’ll also ask for your telephone information so we can get the service set up on your home phone line. It’s easy to add other phones later on your AOL Voicemail dashboard.

How will I be billed?

We’ll use the billing information AOL has on file for you. If you have a free screen name from AOL, you will be asked to securely enter a credit card number when you register for AOL Voicemail.

What if I have an answering machine?

AOL Voicemail takes the place of your answer machine, and it’s a better solution because it will let alert you of calls on your PC when you’re talking on the phone, and take messages too.

What if I have voicemail from my telephone company?

AOL Voicemail takes the place of voicemail from your telephone company – and it’s better. Not only will the service take messages for you when you’re online, on the phone or away from home, AOL Voicemail lets you get your messages online and by email. You can also get your email with your voicemail using any phone.

Which screen names receive voicemail messages by email?

When you sign-up, you’ll enter a screen name and messages will be sent by email to that screen name. However on your AOL Voicemail Dashboard you can add other email addresses and choose to get alerts, missed call notifications and/or important service messages to those as well.

You can also set up your cell phone to receive alerts of new voicemail.