AOL Voicemail

Callers Can Leave A Message Anytime You Don’t Answer

Your callers are invited to leave a message any time your phone is busy or not answered. Record your own greeting anytime. Block the callers you don’t want to hear from.

Get Your Messages Anywhere

AOL Voicemail gives you one-stop message management. Check messages on your AOL Voicemail Dashboard anywhere you’re online. Also get messages by email, download them or forward them. Get email alerts about messages when you’re on the go. Pick up messages using any phone, use the toll-free access number when you’re not at home.

Never Miss a Call While You’re Online

AOL Voicemail helps you manage calls as they happen too. The service includes AOL Call Alert so when someone calls, an instant message window pops up to tell you who it is. Choose how to handle the call – you can answer it online. Not sure if it’s important? Screen the message as your caller records it and pick up the call anytime.

Get AOL Voicemail For All Your Phones and Email Addresses

You can set up to 3 additional phones on your AOL Voicemail account, so all your messages can be picked up at once. Get messages to any email address you want. Get call alerts to any screen name, so your family can manage calls too. And you don’t need to be running the AOL software, you can get alerts with AIM.